Nuuvo Haircare Lightweight Anti Frizz Healing Argan Oil

  • Nuuvo Haircare's lightweight anti-frizz healing Argan oil, adds hydration and moisture to revitalize the hair for smoother & longer hair. The salon professional formula restores vitality to the hair, increasing manageability & shine for effortless styling. The non-greasy formula is extremely lightweight, so hair will not feel heavy or greasy. Made simply with Argan Oil extracts & Silica, with no additives, chemicals or toxic ingredients.

    How Does Argan Oil Grow Hair

    By using a few drops of Argan Oil, it adds moisture & hydration to dry or brittle hair. This rebuilds the hair cuticle while also repairing split ends. As the hair grows, it will not have breakage, so the hair will flourish - smells amazing!

    Why You'll Love It

    • Adds moisture & hydration to dry or damaged hair
    • Strengthens & seals the hair cuticle
    • Reverses hair breakage & split ends
    • Smells amazing
    • Suitable for all hair types
    • Use on wet hair for added thermal protection & reduced drying time when styling; or use on dry hair and the oil will reduce flyaway’s and frizz for greater manageability and shine - Use 3-4 pumps on wet clean hair, or use 1-2 pumps on dry hair as a daily moisturizer, then blowdry and style.
    • Prior to flat ironing, add one pump to dry hair to maximize thermal protection and smoothness. Use on mid-shaft to ends.
    • Raychel’s Pro Tip – "I love using our Argan Oil in tandem (as a cocktail) with our smoothing serum – it provides even more moisture and hydration to the hair".


  • Active Key Ingredients

    Argania Spinosa kernel (Argan) Oil
    Rich in essential fatty acids & vitamins, that soothe frizz & spilt ends, providing extreme softness to the hair

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