Nuuvo Haircare Salon Professional 3in1 3-Step Grooming Creme

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  • Perfect For

    • No poo cleanse
    • Hair hydration
    • Peppermint infused soothing cream for hair and scalp
    • All sexes shaving lotion

    For Best Results:

    • Apply to wet hair, covering your tresses fully with a thin layer.
    • Massage using circular motion & leave in hair for 3/5 mins before rinsing out. If product gets into eyes, rinse with water.
    • This 3in1 can be used daily ... use our shampoo for a deeper cleanse once a week, or use our dry shampoo to refresh hair when needed.

    +For The Ultimate Shave:

    • Wet area to be shaved.
    • Use fingers & apply an extra thin layer to desired area (don't over saturate the skin with the lotion, it will decrease performance and results)
    • Shave in full length strokes for a smooth clean shave.
    • Rinse off from face or body area & dry, then add lotion.
  • Active Key Ingredients

    Trigonella Foenum-Graecum (Fenugreek)
    Packed with proteins that reverse dandruff & hair loss
    Mentha x Piperita (Peppermint)
    Soothes & refreshes hair & scalp, stimulating hair follicle production & follicle depth, boosting hair growth production
    Hydrolyzed Rice protein
    Infused with powerful amino acids that increase hair volume. The hair will retain moisture & hydration leading to increased shine & radiance
    • A 2-step cleanse & conditioner that provides moisture & hydration to dry hair
    • Safe for no poo advocates
    • Infused with peppermint & essential nutrients to revitalize hair and scalp, the grooming cream provides a gentle process to cleanse & condition the hair
    • High performance shaving lotion that leaves skin cool and fresh (All sexes)

    Nuuvo Haircare’s 3in1 no poo grooming cream, is a high performance cleanser that provides a peppermint conditioning treatment to invigorate hair & scalp. Infused with plants extracts that increase moisture, adding shine and making the hair more manageable. The salon-professional formula may also be used for as shaving lotion, providing a moisturizing clean shave for all sexes. The formula is safe for no poo advocates, as the cleanser does not lather or foam.

    +Nutrient Rich Plant Treatment to Stimulate Hair, Roots & Scalp

    The paraben & sls-free treatment, moisturizes the scalp and roots, adding essential nutrients to nourish & condition your hair. The lightweight cream provides a cool soothing feeling on your scalp.

    +Ultimate Shave Cream

    The multipurpose 3 in 1 formula also gives a smooth moisturizing shave for legs, arms & face. Infused with peppermint, the formula can help to reduce skin irritation during shaving, leaving the skin cool & fresh. Our shaving lotion is suitable for all sexes.

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