Salon Professional Dry Shampoo

refresh & revive hair • fresh fragrance

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  • Perfect For

    Perfect for in-between regular washing or on busy days, the Dry Shampoo cleans, refreshes and revives the hair instantly, reducing grease, dirt and odors while refreshing unwashed hair.

    • absorbing oil & dirt, leaving scalp clean
    • Adding volume
    • Adding luster & shine to limp or flat hair
    • Refreshing hair on the go

    For Best Results:

    Use in-between regular washing, or while on the go. Add our Dry Conditioner as a Step 2 to fully revitalize the hair.

    Raychel's hair tip:- 'Spray on hair before bed to absorb excess oils while you sleep'.

    How To Use:

    • Shake well before each use
    • Hold can 6-8 inches from head and apply to dry hair only. Spray evenly all over head, and don't bring can too close. Just a few sprays are needed as you cover head by movement of hand
    • Leave in hair for 15 seconds, then use fingertips to massage through hair. On longer hair, put head down so hair flips upside down - spray evenly up & down hair
    • Leave in for 15 seconds, then use fingertips to massage into hair.
  • Refresh and Revive Your Hair

    Clean, refresh & revive your hair instantly with our Salon Professional Formula Dry Shampoo. Perfect for busy days & in-between regular washings, this lightweight spray absorbs excess oil without leaving any sticky residue in the hair. Safe for all hair types, the waterless no h20 shampoo reduces the feeling of greasy, unwashed hair, leaving a light pleasing scent in the hair.

    The cruelty free aerosol spray is formulated with mineral extracts & starch, so it will remove dirt build on scalp, while adding volume and body to flat hair, renewing freshness, manageability and shine.

    No Visible Residue

    Formulated with non-toxic ingredients, the high performance dry shampoo eliminates oily patches around the hairline and part, adding renewed volume and body. This high performance dry shampoo has a light pleasing scent that removes unwanted odors from your hair. The refreshing formula disperses from hair, leaving no chalky white residue, regardless of hair color or hair type.

    • Lightweight dry shampoo to clean, refresh & revive hair instantly between regular washings or on the go
    • Made with minerals & starch, this dry shampoo absorbs excess oil & removes oily patches around the hairline and part, eliminating oils, odor & grease
    • Renews and revives your hair, increasing hydration, manageability, volume & shine
    • Infused with non-toxic ingredients that provide sheen & lubrication to the hair
    • Disappears effortlessly with your natural color, without build up or residue
  • Active Key Ingredients

    Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate
    A safe absorbent that attracts dirt & grease lifting it away from hair

    Watch Our Hair Tutorial with Founder Raychel using our Dry Shampoo

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