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Salon Professional Nourishing Shampoo • repair & protect the hair

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Nourishing Active Ingredients

Why You'll Love It

Perfect For

  • Derived from coconut & argan oil, this high foaming cleanser contains no stripping sulfates, so it will protect your hair color from fading
  • Will smoothen hair, while adding extra thermal protection
  • Infused with keratin & nutrients to rebuild the hair
  • Rebuilds and restores hair health from within
  • Will strengthen the cuticle, while gently smoothing and softening the surface of the hair
  • Heals scalp, removing bacteria & dirt
  • Repairing & rebuilding damaged hair
  • Reduce dandruff
  • Protect hair color from fading

For Best Results:

  • Wet hair thoroughly with warm water, squeeze a small amount into palm of hand and massage through hair.
  • Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary for a deeper cleanse.
  • Follow with healing conditioner, anti-frizz healing argan oil, or smoothing serum. Watch our hair tutorial to learn more


Specially formulated to promote hair regrowth and healing by penetrating the cuticle & cortex to directly nourish the marrow (medulla) of the hair, stimulating hair growth from within. The plant extracts combine together to form a gentle cleanser, while also healing scalp irritation.

Derived from plants, this gentle deluxe foaming formula is formulated to transform the hair at the root. Rich in coconut, argan oil, guar gum and nourishing vitamin B & minerals, this non-toxic formula provides maximum protection to revitalize your hair. Using weekly will heal, strengthen & hydrate your tresses, transforming damaged hair.

Rehabilitate Your Hair

The sulfate & paraben free moisturizing shampoo, reverses the damage caused by hot tools & environment, preventing breakage and restoring hair health for excellent UV and thermal protection.

Watch our Hair Tutorial

Watch our Hair Tutorial with Founder Raychel using our Hair Repair shampoo

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