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Clean Beauty has a Mold Problem

August 23, 2023 1 min read




'Clean' Beauty is a non-regulated term that brands can use to make you think their products are healthier for you. But, the truth is, these products can lack the formulating efficacy to keep them optimal long-term.

Here at Nuuvo, our focus is to give you the best of both worlds. Our products are professional salon quality, cruelty-free & non-toxic, so while we’re not 100% clean beauty, our standards as beauty professionals guides us.

What does Professional Salon Quality Mean?

While 98% of our ingredients are natural (aka "clean"), 2% are SAFE synthetics.

Why? Because without these synthetic extracts, the products won’t formulate correctly to give you and your hair optimal results.

We provide safe haircare, without sacrificing performance, product longevity and quality.


Our Safe Ingredients

DIMETHICONE: a type of silicone that we use in our Argan Oil products as it provides excellent conditioning and adds suppleness to the hair, helps frizz and breakage, and makes the hair silky. There is not a clean beauty alternative that’s affective, so we use a small percentage in some of our products.


Professional Beauty is the Go To Solution

Nuuvo Haircare
Mega Moisture Argan Oil Hair Mask


Nuuvo Haircare
Plant Derived Healing Conditioner 


Nuuvo Haircare Dry Conditioner With Marula Oil


Nuuvo Haircare Va Va Voom Wet Texture Spray


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