Nuuvo Haircare Leave In Conditioner

  • Nourish and fortify your hair with Nuuvo Haircare’s Salon Professional Leave In Conditioner. Formulated to protect the hair from environmental, thermal and chemical damage. Safe for all hair types, the lightly scented leave in conditioner is lightweight & non-greasy, so can use daily for soft, shiny and fabulous looking hair

    Infused with nutrient-rich aloe vera, this leave in conditioner works to rejuvenate damaged hair by nourishing and hydrating each strand, sealing the cuticle for increased strength, softness and manageability.

    Why You'll Love It

    • Tames frizz & static
    • Moisturizes dry hair
    • Adds softness & slip to detangle hair
    • Improves manageability of hair pre styling
    • Protects hair from heat damage
    • Seals in hair color, adding shine & radiance to the hair
    • Contains amino acids and vitamin b5 that nourishes and fortifies the hair cuticle for stronger hair
    • Protects hair against environmental damage & chemical stress
    • Conditions hair without adding grease
    • Shake well
    • After hair washing, spray lightly and evenly through damp hair and comb through, focus on mid-shaft & ends
    • Leave on hair for deep absorption into hair roots
    • While refreshing your hairstyle, the lightweight spray can also be used on dry hair to boost moisture & hydration
    • Raychel's Pro Tip: Works as an excellent cutting lotion for use as a professional hairstylist with clients
    • Active Key Ingredients

      Aloe Vera
      Promotes hair growth, while reducing itchy scalp & dandruff
      Sage extract
      High performance treatment for hair loss, stimulating hair growth, while boosting radiance & shine of hair
      Witch Hazel extract
      Packed with anti-inflammatory properties, which will help to reduce scalp irritation and sensitivity, which is the precursor to healthy hair

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