by Raychel Harrison May 25, 2022 1 min read

Beach Season is Coming Up! 


Make Nuuvo your Summer Bestie for Healthy Hair


During the summer, your hair needs a little extra TLC when the sun is out, so I am going to share my top tips to rescue your hair & keep it healthy while on vacay at the pool or beach.


Read my tips below & learn why I think you should make NUUVO your summer bestie. 


Heatless Waves with Twists and Breads!

Spray our Va Va Voom on damp or dry hair and twist. Leave in for one day as your style, then take out for effortless beachy waves hair for day 2 & 3.



Out in the Sun?

Add a little sunscreen to your hair! Use our Believe in Conditioner to protect the hair from harmful UV rays, plus the lightweight spray adds moisture & strengthening vitamins to the hair, which is needed in the sun.



Going in for a Dip?

Dampen hair and apply our 3in1 grooming cream before heading to the pool, lake or ocean; this will create a barrier of moisture that prevents harmful chlorine & minerals from absorbing into your hair. There’s an extra benefit also, you can use our grooming cream to shave your legs too … just a thin layer is needed to get the best shave ever!


By following these simple tips & tricks, ‘you'll have no bad hair day’ while enjoying your vacation this summer.


Love Raychel xoxo 




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