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July 16, 2020 1 min read

What’s the difference between Dry Shampoo and Dry Texture Spray?

Nuuvo No H2O Dry Shampoo is great for absorbing oil at the scalp and hairline if you want to extend your style without having to wash your hair. Fun fact ... you can also use it BEFORE your hair gets oily to prevent your hair being limp and greasy. “I love spraying dry shampoo on the ends of curls if they noodle up together and need a little ‘zhuzh’!”

But Dry Shampoo has no holding power, so to make your style hold or have some humidity resistance, you need a dry texture hairspray!And that’s where Nuuvo UNTAMED comes in! Picture Dry shampoo and hairspray making a baby! The dry texture spray is perfect for an instant back comb at the root, leaving hair full of volume.

You can spray Nuuvo UNTAMED on your hair while lifting it and you’ll have instant fullness, with fabulous hold.What sets Nuuvo UNTAMED apart from its competitors is it’s super light and doesn’t leave a heavy residue.

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