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December 22, 2018 2 min read

Perfect hair is not always based on genetics (although it helps); most often it’s based on routine. Take these simple steps to achieve the mane of your dreams. For icing on the cake, learn some quick and easy makeup tips to look like you had an extra three hours of beauty sleep.

Grey hair blues

Instantly cover grey strands between salon visits with makeup for your hair! Madison Reed Brush-On Powder compacts make it easy for sweat-proof, pillow-proof coverage. For added hold, spray your favorite flexible hairspray after application (try Nuuvo 3 in 1 Hairspray).

Dreaming of long hair?

The biggest mistake when growing out your hair is avoiding a haircut. Mini-trims are perfect for dusting off unwanted split ends, allowing the hair to keep growing healthy. Find a long hair friendly stylist and make sure communication is clear. Then build a maintenance program around your schedule. Normal hair growth is one-half inch per month. Pre-book your appointments so you stay on track, and don’t forget to mark your progress.

Healthy hair needs to stay hydrated

Just like your body, hair needs multiple nutrients to stay strong and radiant. Without them, hair becomes dry and brittle, making it vulnerable to breakage. Use a hair mask once a week between regular conditioning. Look for shea butter, argan oil or coconut oil. Nuuvo Haircare Mega Moisture Argan Mask leaves hair packed with valuable lipids. (Tip: Moisturizing masks and daily conditioners work better when left on the hair for longer periods of time; add heat for extra potency.)

50 percent faster drying time?

Yes, please! Reduce heat tools and drying time with a quick dry towel. These towels are made with AQUITEX® technology that helps reduce friction that causes hair to fray and split. Aquis towels dry hair 50 percent faster than the average towel, reducing the heat needed to dry and smooth hair. The best part is they keep your hair up out of your face, perfect time for a mini facial and moisturizer.

Essential oils are the new black

Who doesn’t want longer and fuller lashes? Add one drop of lavender oil to your mascara and swirl your brush. Voila, this potent blend will give your lashes a daily dose of nutrients, plus your mascara will smell delightful. Be sure to discard your mascara six months after your first use, as it does have an expiration date!

Lacking in the sleep department?

Insta-sleep, aka illuminating pencils, are a quick and easy fix. Youngblood Cosmetics’ Eye-Illuminating Duo Pencil has both a matte and shimmer highlight. Below your brow, draw a line on your brow bone and blend. Your eyes will look instantly more refreshed and awake.

Flawless face for hours with one extra step

Prepare your face for any tinted moisturizer, foundation or eye shadow with a photo finish primer. Nutrient packed primers create a perfect canvas for your makeup, while smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, they offer a much longer lasting makeup application.

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