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September 24, 2019 3 min read

You have taken the same picture to your stylist for years. Get out of the rut and start exploring your next statement hairstyle. Update your look with these holiday hair makeovers.


Bangs are back! This season, frame your best features with soft swoopy bangs or give your look a statement with a blunt fringe. Be prepared for maintenance; bangs require more frequent salon visits and you may need to style them daily. The right stylist can suggest a fringe, perfectly tailored to enhance your look. Bangs can open your face and give you an instant lift (no surgery required). Bang Hack: Skip the full head shampoo and wash your bangs in the sink! This will prolong your hairstyle and leave the rest of your hair less dry over time.


Celebs wear them so why not you? There are so many to choose from, you are sure to make a statement at your next holiday party. Wigs are perfect for women who want to make significant color transformations or length changes and are just not happy with the arduous process or the damage that can occur to their natural locks. My rule of thumb when looking for a wig is to select one that matches either your style, length or color. Choosing one that is different on all three counts may be a bit much. A professional cut would do your wig wonders.

Hair Jewelry

Glam up any hairstyle with a sparkly statement piece. Incorporate your favorite necklace in a braid or add a crystal bracelet to your next up-do. Secure them in place with bobby pins and don’t be afraid to get creative. Balance is important; check the mirror and adjust where necessary. For off the shelf sparkly must-haves, I recommend Pink Pewter headbands and hair pieces.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Perfect for almost all hair types, your dreams for longer and fuller hair are realized in a matter of minutes! Tape-in hair extensions come in so many custom colors and are one of the safest hair extension applications around. Fun hues like rose gold and lilac purples are perfect to add to any hair color as accent tones. For a more subtle statement, add lighter strands than your natural hair color with ombré tape-ins, giving you instant highlights with zero chemical treatments. The possibilities are endless. Not all tape- ins are equal; we use Aqua Hair Extensions and seek the best quality hair to ensure a longer lasting application. Make sure to have them refreshed every four weeks to prevent damage to your natural hair.

Hair For Hope

If our purpose is our passion, why not wear it in your hair and make a statement. What philanthropic causes do you support? Add a kiss of color to your hair to represent your mission. Apply pink tape-in hair extensions for Breast Cancer Awareness, or red to promote the fight against AIDS. TIP: If you choose to color your hair, a pre-lightening service would need to be done. The direct dye of your choice would be applied to previously lightened hair and, voila, a sure way to represent your cause. Schedule maintenance touch-ups every three weeks, as these vivid colors do not last long.

Whether you glam up your look with hair jewels or revamp your color with tape-in hair extensions, be bold this season. Step out of your comfort zone and update your look. “If your hair is done properly and you have good shoes, you can get away with anything.” - Iris Apfel (Harper’s Bazaar)

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