by Raychel Harrison September 25, 2019 2 min read

Celebs love to switch things up when it comes to their looks, from color transformations to cool haircuts. This year Julianne Hough went from girl next door blonde to a solitary red hair-color and back to a bombshell blonde. Demi Lovato decided to go for a significant change, transforming from dark to golden blonde, showing off her new makeover on her Instagram story. My favorite transformation of the year was newly engaged Ariana Grande, going from dark brown to steel silver. What looks captivated us on the red carpet this season? Icy platinum blondes like the one Kim Kardashian West rocked, Rihanna’s super high ponytail and the star-studded blunt bobs are sure to be trends that won’t disappear in 2019. Transformations kept things fresh and had us asking for more. Update your look this fall with these three celebrity trends.

Ribbon Highlights

The dimensional sun-kissed ribbons of color on dark hair is guaranteed to give your mane a pop. These subtle highlights as seen on Ashley Tisdale add just the right amount of warmth on medium to dark hair. Since the lighter color is often hand painted on, similar to ombré and starting in the mid-lengths, you won’t have severe stripy pieces near your roots. I recommend enhancing the shine with a professional clear glaze every 3-5 weeks. It’s known to smooth down the cuticle and as a bonus, strengthen hair from within.

Long Bob

The long bob, straight or wavy, is the most versatile cut. Regardless of face shape, this classic look flatters anyone, whether you wear it in beachy waves like Cate Blanchett or sleek and smooth like Jenna Dewan. You’ll want to keep the ends blunt and fresh with a trim every 6-7 weeks.


Add texture and volume this season with curl or a dry texture product. Actress Olivia Munn got a perm to add body and texture to her naturally flat hair. The “X-Men” star chose a permanent wave to combat the lack of body and movement she has from her heavy locks. Want a less permanent solution? Add texture with a wave iron or dry texture spray and create the same looks with less commitment.

Whether you freshen up your locks with a clean cut or add some body to your current look with some texture, keep it simple and looking effortless. Embrace change even if it’s just baby steps and have fun with it.

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