by Raychel Harrison September 26, 2019 2 min read

Beauty is not only skin deep. Many beauty treatments and natural remedies that help you look good on the outside can provide a deeper, longer lasting benefits on the inside as well. During a stressful time, we often put our beauty regimens last on the priority list. Studies show that self-care helps manage depression and reduce stress. Try one or all of these self-care detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments and make yourself a priority.

Essential Oil Shower Mist:

Make every shower a spa day. Mist 5-7 pumps of ShowerSPA mist on your shower walls before stepping in and—voilà! Instant relaxation and clarity. Pure essential eucalyptus oils and lavender oil help decompress and reduce smoke inhalation, clearing the lungs and mind.


Paint your nails a fun color! I currently have sparkly rose gold glitter on my fingernails, and every time I look at them, they make me smile. If you don’t want to plunge into crazy nail colors, then try something daring on your toes—blue, purple or hot pink. I guarantee when you look down at your feet in the shower, they will make your day a bit brighter.

Body Scrubs:

Scrub away old dull skin with a Scrubee from Lush! Ground almond and coconut shell combined with honey and shea butter will moisturize while exfoliating, helping you shed the ‘past skin’ and expose your soft new skin.


Along with the unmistakable fresh feeling a new haircut and style gives you, stylists are also great for conversation and letting you vent. Change it up, embark on a unique style and just go for it. You will feel brand new.

Steaming Hair Mask:

Many of us suffer from dry hair and dry skin during these winter months. Quench your hair’s thirst with a moisture mask that contains nurturing ingredients. Apply it when you have an extra ten minutes and wrap your hair in a towel, or let it set while taking a steam shower. Applying it in a hot shower will allow the mask to deeply penetrate. Try Nuuvo Mega Moisture Mask

Charcoal Mask Peel:

Natural charcoal helps pull pore-deep impurities and excess oil from your face and gently remove dirt and pollution. It will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed. Simply apply, let dry and peel! Try my favorite beauty beverages to help from the inside out.

Hibiscus Tea:

This tea has a magical reputation in skin care, because it is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that exfoliate, control oily skin and unclog pores, all while encouraging younger looking skin. Hibiscus tea has vitamins and minerals like flavonoids which have antidepressant properties. This tea can help calm down the nervous system and may reduce anxiety and depression. Indeed an excellent beauty drink, you can drink it iced or hot for rejuvenation inside and out.

Rose Water:

Spraying rose water on your skin can help with irritation and redness, as well as get rid of acne dermatitis and eczema. Dilute and drink rose water to indulge yourself in vitamins (A, C, D, E and B3) and antioxidants. The best part is it’s proven to lift your mood and help decrease anxiety and stress. Note: Dilution is necessary for consumption as rose water is extremely potent!

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