Nuuvo Haircare was created for hairdressers & their clients, seeking a clean and natural haircare line that performed better than the current lines on the market. Raychel founded Nuuvo Haircare to ease a pain point for her clients, so we believe in natural ingredients that are nourishing for your hair, and are safe for your health and wellbeing. If you care about what you eat, we believe you should care about the products you use on your hair and skin. That’s why Nuuvo Haircare was created, empowering people who care about our planet to have fabulous and beautiful looking hair!


After using Nuuvo Haircare products for 14 days, clients experienced the following performance benefits & results.

  • Less split ends
  • Less frizz
  • Increased shine
  • Increased volume
  • Hair was strengthened
  • Hair had less damage after hot tools
  • Provided heat protection
  • Provided UV protection
  • More curl definition
  • Provided 48 hour hold
  • Left a fresh fragrance in hair
  • Left no residue in hair
  • Color lasted longer
  • hair extensions did not loosen
  • Added more hydration
  • smooth shave
  • Soothing to skin
  • Detangled hair with more manageability
  • Hair was more manageable
  • Flat hair was more nourished
  • Rehydrated the hair
  • Rebuilt hair fibers
  • Strengthening of brittle hair
  • Longer hair was achieved
  • Hair felt stronger
  • Hair was less frizzy
  • Hair was smoother
  • Hair color did not fade
  • Hair extensions did not slip
  • Left no residue


We sourced natural plant based ingredients like coconut; marula and peppermint that we know have transformative and restorative properties. After intensive research and development, both in-salon and at our research facility, Nuuvo Haircare was born. - No SLS, paraben, gluten & 100% animal cruelty free

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